Sunday, May 10, 2015

FR Reading: Time travel p74-75

Exercise 2 page 74. Key

Exercise 3 page 74. Key
1 B 2 E 3 C 4 F 5 A 6 D

Exercise 4 page 75. Key
1 True (Paragraph F) 4 True (Paragraph E)
2 True (Paragraph E) 5 False (Paragraph C)
3 False (Paragraph B)

Exercise 5 page 75. Key
1 The ‘granny paradox’ is a sequence of events where
somebody goes back in time and accidentally cause the
death of his grandmother, making it impossible for him to
have been born.
2 The theory of parallel worlds is that every time we make a
decision it leads to a set of consequences but there also
exists a set of consequences for the option that we didn’t
take. These are known as parallel worlds.

Exercise 7 page 75. Key
1 to tell the truth   4 in fact
2 actually    5 as a matter of fact
3 the plain fact is