Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Have your say! - Vegetarians against new notes

From: Alberto Sanchez 

The new five pound note in the U.k. is made with fat, specifically with tallow (a substance derived from fat and used in candles and soaps).
After this decision, by The Bank of England, vegetarians and vegans are rising  their voices over this outrageous choice.
The company that makes the banknotes, Innovia, said that this substance gives to the notes properties, that they are necessary. Some of them are: anti-static and anti-slip properties. The company denotes that many products contain tallow.
My point of view also is this product is recyclable, and it´s one mark to consider. Thus it´s possible to decrease oil by-products, that always are very contaminated.
On the other hand, the attitude of vegans and vegetarians are respectable. Their choice is a way of life, and nobody change their values.
What do you think?
You can read the article in this link.