Thursday, November 27, 2014

Learning with a song

In the last century the way to access -to information has changed. +The Methodology -about +for teaching -of languages has introduced new resources, in order to motivate +us and +[make us] learn in +communicative -context +contexts -[of communication]. One of the main resources is Technology.
 Technology has been used in education +ever since the first teacher scratched a drawing on a rock -face +surface. What-'s +is +most interesting is how it has evolved and spread . Today +it is in the background, taken for granted.

Nowadays -[there would seem to] +[it should] be clear that new -technology +technologies -has +have -involved +[landed on] our classroom +.  Teachers must use -this +them in order to improve the way -how +[in which] the students learn. They must be able to motivate, to -create +promote/foster/advance the idea +of how important -is it +is [technologies are]. And of course, teachers would have to develop the -desire +joy of learning.

-By +[On the] other side, -It +it seems people -will +would prefer to study new content on such -[a device] +[technological devices, ]  rather than +on a traditional sheet of paper.

In this sense , there are advantages -of +[ of using / to ] a computer, a -Tablet +tablet or a phone over a paper, such as -[you could] listening -to in a crowded train or +[while/when] walking through a park. This is the +key idea: use your devices to learn English. Let +us use games, videos -, +and varied apps on your mobile phone,

As +[far as] this video is concerned, -[it shows] a particular point of view +[is shown] -about +on how you can learn phrasal verbs in a funny way +, based -in +on pictures that show real actions.

 You -could +can -look +watch, listen and repeat +, and finally LEARN.
Try -to +it.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama’s immigration order sets off a frenzy of debate, emotions

I thought you'd like this:

Obama's immigration order sets off a frenzy of debate, emotions
The president sought to convince the American public Thursday that his plans to unilaterally change the laws were in line with the precedent set by previous administrations and did not amount to an amnesty program for illegal immigrants.

  • What has he actually done? Is he acting like a king or a leader?
  • Is he imposing his views, pointlessly overreaching his powers or has he taken immigration in stride, forcing legislators to act?
  • Was it about time? Can a measure so put in place be long-lasting?

Profesor: dícese por algunos del prototipo de moda de chivo expiatorio y paria

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fwd: [EOI Advanced Level] New comment on A Beautiful Visual on The 4 Ways Technology Is Cha....

I enclose here the corrected text, so that you can go over the changes. And one more time, many thanks to the author!
Extra notes on how dummy/preparatory it works: we use for verb groups but not so much for noun groups.

Obviously, using new technologies -are +is an excellent resource for learning -[,] tools that provide wide and faster information without -mention +mentioning the possibility of sharing knowledge with collaborators.

However, some students may feel overawed due to -the information excess +[,] or unable to manage different systems and supports -[, in] +[. In] addition everyone has a personal way to study. This is the point!
-[It is necessary an] +An -appropriated +appropriate organization +[is necessary], -focus +[focusing on] the right tools that suit us or even -turn +turning down that information +WHICH might be useless, in order to -resume +[summarize it] and achieve [an efficient content / content efficiency].

Thus, -it -[a personal conclusion] comes to my mind -[my personal conclusion]: -School +Schools must be prepared for +the future in this -issue +regard -[, it] +[. It] is a fact that currently -[, o dos “, currently, ” o ninguna] many important companies are -[running by] +[(being) run on] -clouding +cloud or virtualization systems.

E-Learning and E-Teaching -is +are going to -became +become -in a social and international -task +endeavour , and our -educative +educational system should -be consider it by improving infrastructures and putting +in resources for teachers and students, once and for all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Get ready for your exam - page 14

Exercise 2 page 14. KEY

People who miss their dead pets will have a chance to get an
identical animal; cloning will be a source of useful animals like
special dogs

Exercise 3 page 14 

E Reading Missing sentences

• If you identify the topic of each paragraph, it
will be easier to narrow the options to those sentences that
deal with the right topic.
• Each missing sentence will have a certain
function in the text. If it’s the first sentence of a paragraph,
it will probably introduce a new topic or link this new
paragraph with the previous one. If it closes a paragraph, it
may summarise what has been said in this paragraph. If it’s
in the middle, it will probably serve as a link between the
preceding sentence and the one that follows. The students
should notice the position of the sentence in a paragraph
and also read carefully the sentences before and after the
gap to understand the context.


1 D 2 B 3 A 4 F 5 C

Exercise 5 page 14

E Use of English Open cloze

• Scan the text so that they know what it is
about. Ignore the gaps at this stage.


1 with 4 even 7 do 10 Whether
2 out 5 too 8 In
3 to 6 as 9 even