Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fwd: [EOI Advanced Level] New comment on A Beautiful Visual on The 4 Ways Technology Is Cha....

I enclose here the corrected text, so that you can go over the changes. And one more time, many thanks to the author!
Extra notes on how dummy/preparatory it works: we use for verb groups but not so much for noun groups.

Obviously, using new technologies -are +is an excellent resource for learning -[,] tools that provide wide and faster information without -mention +mentioning the possibility of sharing knowledge with collaborators.

However, some students may feel overawed due to -the information excess +[,] or unable to manage different systems and supports -[, in] +[. In] addition everyone has a personal way to study. This is the point!
-[It is necessary an] +An -appropriated +appropriate organization +[is necessary], -focus +[focusing on] the right tools that suit us or even -turn +turning down that information +WHICH might be useless, in order to -resume +[summarize it] and achieve [an efficient content / content efficiency].

Thus, -it -[a personal conclusion] comes to my mind -[my personal conclusion]: -School +Schools must be prepared for +the future in this -issue +regard -[, it] +[. It] is a fact that currently -[, o dos “, currently, ” o ninguna] many important companies are -[running by] +[(being) run on] -clouding +cloud or virtualization systems.

E-Learning and E-Teaching -is +are going to -became +become -in a social and international -task +endeavour , and our -educative +educational system should -be consider it by improving infrastructures and putting +in resources for teachers and students, once and for all.