Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Get ready for your exam - page 14

Exercise 2 page 14. KEY

People who miss their dead pets will have a chance to get an
identical animal; cloning will be a source of useful animals like
special dogs

Exercise 3 page 14 

E Reading Missing sentences

• If you identify the topic of each paragraph, it
will be easier to narrow the options to those sentences that
deal with the right topic.
• Each missing sentence will have a certain
function in the text. If it’s the first sentence of a paragraph,
it will probably introduce a new topic or link this new
paragraph with the previous one. If it closes a paragraph, it
may summarise what has been said in this paragraph. If it’s
in the middle, it will probably serve as a link between the
preceding sentence and the one that follows. The students
should notice the position of the sentence in a paragraph
and also read carefully the sentences before and after the
gap to understand the context.


1 D 2 B 3 A 4 F 5 C

Exercise 5 page 14

E Use of English Open cloze

• Scan the text so that they know what it is
about. Ignore the gaps at this stage.


1 with 4 even 7 do 10 Whether
2 out 5 too 8 In
3 to 6 as 9 even