Monday, April 20, 2015

FR pages 52-53

Exercise 3 page 52. Key
1 He was stung by a stingray.
2 He became rich because visitors came in droves to watch him get up close to dangerous animals.
3 He took over the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park.

Exercise 4 page 52. Key
1 E   2 A   3 D   4 H   5 G   6 B   7 C

Exercise 5 page 52. Key
1 People were surprised because it’s very rare to be killed by a stingray.
2 At the time he apologised, but later defended his action, claiming that he was completely in control.
3 Many Australians had mixed feelings about Irwin because he portrayed an unsophisticated image of Australia that they didn’t want to be associated with.
4 Some people objected to the programmes because he took dangerous risks in order to satisfy the public’s desire to see someone put themselves in danger.

Exercise 6 page 52. Key
1 provoke 4 acquire           7 take over
2 shake off 5 laugh off        8 administer
3 take          6 pronounce    9 cause