Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Christian the Lion

By Alberto Cerrillo Bonilla

I would like tell -us +you a real story between an animal and two people where we can see -[the unbelievable] +[an unbelievably] friendly relationship.

This story began in London -(1969) +in 1969 when  a couple of students bought a lion cub. At the beginning the animal seemed to be affectionate with Ace and Josh, who +had bought the lion. The lion was called Cristian and it showed intelligence and loving signs -[as with people as with the rest of animals] +[both with people and other animals].

On the one hand, in order to maintain the lion in good conditions and not to put in danger the -[London people] +[people of London], Ace and Josh -decide +decided to -install +keep the lion in a furniture -cellar +basement. But like others animals, Cristian needed to go out and to move in a vast tract of land. Ace and Josh used to go to +a -near +nearby cemetery with the lion.

However Cristian couldn’t -have +keep this life for ever, because when it -was +got/became bigger, it would need a -freedom life +[in freedom] in the savannah with the other lions. And that’s how Ace and Josh decided to take the lion to +a wildlife preserve in Africa.

Sometimes Ace and Josh travelled to -know +[find out] about Cristian, but when the -personal +personnel/staff in the wildlife preserve told them that Cristian could live with the other lions in freedom, they decided to make -the +a last trip.

-[There were happened] +[it was] nine months since the last visit, and it was possible that they were not recognized by Cristian.

In my mind this video -have +has a moral message and -[that’s] +[this is] it : -The friendship is the biggest link in our -lifes. +lives

The rest of story could watch it in the video.