Tuesday, February 10, 2015


From: teresa navarro

As you can see,  this photo shows us two Padaung (-women giraffe +woman). There are several  tribes of this minoritary ethnic group and these women precisely belong to the Karen tribe, whose origin is Tibeto-Burmese. However, in the early 90s many tribe members fled -to -northern +[north of] the Thai border, due to a -conflicto +conflict with the military -régimen +regime in Burma, now called Myanmar.

At the age of five, girls start to wear rings, brass coils that are placed around the neck. Over the years, the coil is replaced by a longer one, -[by adding new rings] +[and new rings are added]. These rings are slowly pushing the clavicle down, making them appear to have longer necks.

According to anthropologycal studies there are different theories to explain the origin of this tradition. The main theory says that this trinket was placed in order to prevent a bite from tigers in the neck, but their detractors say that tigers -[can not] +cannot differentiate between men and women -and +but men have never +[had this trinket placed] -[placed this trinket]. Another theory says that this practise was used to make women look ugly so as not to be enslaved by other tribes. On the other hand +, there is +yet another one that says that this trinket is to -makes +make them look more beautiful.

The Burmese government attempted to get rid of this ancient tradition, to give a modern and developed apparence to the country. Nevertheless, the government +, seeing that these tribes attracted a great deal of -touist +tourism, has +ultimately not allowed this tradition to be lost.