Monday, January 26, 2015

Tattoos like esthetic treatments

Hi guys! Today I have my say and I want to talk about a video I saw last week.
What I like of this video -it´s +is how a person can face a bad situation -of +in -his +[his or her / their] life. In the video we can see a person, in this case Basma Hameed, who learns +how to solve a problem that she has and at the same time she helps -to other people. Basma Hameed is an example of overcoming and I can't imagine how I'd have acted in this situation.
Although tattoos are frowned +at  in some cases, I reckon it's a good idea to use them for esthetic and at the same time psychological problems, because this isn't a caprice -[, this] +[. This] is so usual and any of us -can +could be burn because of an accident.
Moreover, I think this tattoos treatment is not -much +very famous and I don't know why +,  because +it is a very good idea to help people with this type of problems and -cicatrizes +scars. It's also true that nowadays -[are increasing] the treatments for different illnesses  +[are increasing]  like cancer for example. These treatments are based on tattooing the nipple of women who were operated of breast cancer.
Then, these types of treatments are developing and all of us are entitled to be glad of our body and an accident, bulling or -an illness -will +should not be a barrier to happiness.

Lorena García (NA1B)