Wednesday, January 21, 2015

IKEA's the other letter

From: Rocío Vega Vilrriales

I watched this video before Christmas and I think -It´s +it's really nice.
A group of children -make +makes two letters, one for the three wise men and one for their parents. In the first one they request things like dolls, cars or videogames. But in the second one, they ask for time, time [2] -[for playing] +[to play] with -his +their parents and time -[for being] +[to be] with them.
This video show us that children need something more than toys. They -spent +spend a lot of time in the school or in -[after class] +[after-class] activities because parents want a very good -formation +education for them. But,sometimes, they don´t realize that -spend +spending [1] time with them is as important as -have +having a good -formation +[education/upbringing], don't you think?
[1] ¡es sujeto!
[2] "time" seguido de infinitivo con "to"