Monday, December 8, 2014

It's not such a poignant moment.

The video linked below appeared in a piece of news in  the online newspaper 20minutos. It shows the encounter of an organ recipient with the family of an organ donor held in the U.S..

It is entitled 'poignant moment' but it struck me differently. I found it quite disturbing and creepy that they -hear +heard the heart of their dead son beating inside someone else.

The reporter says they agreed to do this so as to encourage people to become organ donors. Yet, I think there might be other ways of doing -it +this without showing the public the -hard +[tough / grave / ... ] rather than moving situation this family went through.

In the Unites States, there is the possibility +[of not maintaining anonymity], if both sides agree, -[of not maintaining anonymity,] which I consider wrong. Only altruistic motives -must +should lead people to donate organs. And anonymity +prevents -preserves -all +any possibility of damaging that gesture by obtaining, willingly or unintentionally, some sort of reward.

Link To The Video

Ta, Charles, very nice!