Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Elderly People

-The last day, I read in the newspaper about an eighty-five year old woman -which +who was losing her house.

Her son +had asked for a loan putting -[at risk] -the +his mother’s house +[at risk].

Her grandchild was trying to sort out this situation, demanding a -social +[subsided / below-market] rent -with +from the moneylender but he had denied the offer, +thus chasing her out her house.

For this reason, I felt totally overawed and uneasy about the situation +, because it is unacceptable.

How can +[an old woman] make -[an old woman] do with a minimum pension and +still manage -for +a living?

In this country there are laws which protect the children but, who -protect +-protects the elders from -these +this outrage?

From time to time, we listen -as +how -elder +elderly people -loss +lose their houses, pensions and resources +when/while/whilst helping their families due to this crisis -situation -[and meanwhile] +[. Meanwhile] the government prefers to help -to the banks instead of helping such -a vulnerable people or +[to give up] -[giving up] -[social protection houses] +[public housing] to private companies which are raising the rent and chasing people out.

In my opinion, -[The Institutions] +[the government/administration] should commit to -sort +sorting out -this +these problems and -finish +[(to) finishing] with -this +these abuses, allowing -to people who can’t pay their mortgage to -give +[relinquish/surrender] their houses as payment +[in order] to cancel the debt and +[,] if they are old people +[,] to -[give up] +[providing them with a] social rent -[for living] +[to live] there according to their pension.