Thursday, November 24, 2016

Have your say! - LEDification


Alberto is writing on the hot topic of LEDification. It's everywhere these days! From the supermarket's article I posted on the G+ community a few days ago to the these cool sneakers I just came across:

Are LED sneakers going to be the new Yeezys?

From: Alberto Casado García
Date: Wed, Nov 23, 2016

What is LEDification in the lighting world?

In recently years, the lighting Industry is carrying out a huge change in their own technology. In the past, they used incandescent, fluorescent and discharge lamps for almost every applications but since LED birth there have been a technological disruption.

Nowadays, everybody thinks in LED for either retrofitting applications or new facilities without taking into account whether the ROI will be profitable in a short or medium period of time. It is truth that LED technology have lot of advantages such a high efficiency, low consumption and lower impact to the environment but sometimes there are still good solutions with traditional technology.
This new technology brings lots of good arguments to change the lighting trends and stablish the LED as the main technology but we have to keep the common sense to select the product and manufacturer brand. Due to massive production in China, there are many new actors in the industry and some of them are not specialists and they can promote a bad solution for the projects.

To sum up, I think that LED technology is totally welcome because it provides many benefits for environment, architectural and industrial applications. It is estimated that approximately a 19% of the global energy consumption is because of lighting industry and thanks to LED we can decrease it around 10% within the following 10 years.