Thursday, November 10, 2016

Have your say! - The psychology behind irrational decisions

From: Miriam Amor
Date: Wed, Nov 9, 2016
Subject: The psychology behind irrational decisions

Hi everybody,

As it is my turn to post a link in the Have to say! activity, I would like to share with you one video that uses some of my favorite topics: statistics and psychology, to briefly explain our irrational decisions.

The trainer is Sara Garofalo, and it is also one of the TED talks. It is easily to follow and understandable for everybody.

You may wonder, what is the role of stats on our decisions? In the video it is explained that the most likely positive result for us, usually mismatch with our immediate decision; specially in terms of economics. We are both rational and instinctive being and, although our mind would think the opposite, the outcome of decisions we make following our gut may be not the same than the one using our math knowledge.

Isn't it amazing? Hope you to enjoy it.