Sunday, November 13, 2016

Have your say! Children thoughts

From: Nuria Cortes Diaz
Date: Sat, Nov 12, 2016

Hi guys!

I want to share this short video with you because something happened to me with it few days ago. I'm helping a little girl in my neighborhood to improve her English and I showed her this video to do some activities. At the end we were practicing some speaking and she told me some things that made me think over.

The first thing she told was that she was really happy because the German boy had become his friend. He was helping the Syrian boy with the language and with the school. After that, I asked her opinion about the relationship between the two boys and about the way the German one was treating the Syrian one. She told me that it was good because if there is a new student, he has to be helped by everyone in the class. This boy had suffered travelling from so far so he needed support and love.

It can be said that this opinion is just what children are been taught at primary school, but look at the two boys then. They are friends; they are real friends because children act with no filters. When a child is in kindergarten and there is a kid he or she doesn't like, that kid will never take his or her toys. No way! However, if the kid is likely to become his or her friend, the child will share. So the German boy is not only his friend even they are really different, but also he admires the Syrian child in some way because of his long travel, because he is a good reader…

Shouldn't adults think like children sometimes?